The point of ‘Rhwng: The Point Between’


The ‘between’ stands for what is shared ‘between us’ as people and also that often elusive ‘between’ place, between opposites/polarities, that is spiritually dynamic, experiential and that which the various wisdom traditions testify to being the most subtle, profoundly alive and richly meaningful place in us. The exploration of ‘rhwng’ encompasses an on-going, interdisciplinary programme of talks, workshops, discussion groups and performances. There is an emphasis on participation drawing on and promoting the talents of the Society. The guiding idea behind this Society – that of ‘rhwng’ – will hopefully promote exploration in a broad sense. The spirit of the Society is one of open-minded enquiry, which emphasises a move from ‘either/or’ to ‘and’ language. It includes, for instance, theories and practices; engages intellect but also feeling; honours experience and explores what it means to be sentient, creative beings embedded in mysterious life. Each programme includes events rooted in the arts (e.g. literature, music, visual arts) along with various religious/spiritual traditions. Ecological, philosophical and psychological approaches are all viable aspects of enquiry within the Society.

Cymdeithas yng Nghanolfan Ucheldre sy’n cynnig rhaglen ryngddisgyblaethol o ddigwyddiadau thematig sy’n archwilio syniad ‘rhwng’, drwy gyfrwng sgyrsiau, gweithdai a pherfformiadau. Mae ‘rhwng’ yn dynodi’r hyn yr ydym yn ei rannu rhyngom fel pobl, yn ogystal â’r lle cyfrin hwnnw rhwng pethau cyferbyniol/pegynau, yr hyn sy’n ysbrydol ddeinamig, yn seiliedig ar y profiadol, a’r hyn y mae’r gwahanol draddodiadau doethineb yn tystio iddo fel y lle mwyaf cynnil, hollol fywiol ac ystyrlon ddwys ynom.


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